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Baptist World Congress to Proceed

Since the 2005 Baptist World Congress (the meeting, once every five years, of the Baptist World Alliance) is scheduled for 27-31 July in Birmingham, England, the recent bombings in London had many afraid that the Congress would be postponed or cancelled. To the contrary:

BWA Congress to Proceed: In God We Trust!
Baptist World Alliance leaders, Billy Kim, President, Denton Lotz, General Secretary, and David Coffey, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, host of the Centenary Baptist Congress, and incoming BWA President have issued the following joint statement: “The BWA Congress in Birmingham, England will proceed! Indeed it is in God we trust not in any civil or secular power. We continue to remember in prayer the bereaved and injured in our prayers and all those caring for the brokenhearted. Condolences from Baptists around the world have poured into the BWA and British Baptist offices.
We believe in the face of appalling evil we need to show our strong faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. In this period when many of our brothers and sisters are suffering from religious persecution and who live daily with the threat of terrorism, what better way to show our solidarity with the suffering of the world than to attend the BWA Congress. Therefore, it is with faith in Christ and the courage He gives to believers worldwide that we affirm once again that the Congress will indeed take place. Our witness will be made even more powerful by the testimony of brothers and sisters from around the world who have experienced either persecution or violent acts of terrorism. Baptist attendance at the BWA Congress will not only be a sign of solidarity with our British brothers and sisters but our presence will be a confirmation of our strong faith that Jesus Christ rules and our faith is in Him!
Therefore, we call upon Baptist brothers and sisters worldwide to continue to make plans to attend the congress as an act of fellowship. For those who have not yet registered we encourage to plan to attend now! Our security is in the God of peace, justice and love! Come celebrate with thousands worldwide in a great festival of faith, courage and love!”

I am so in love with those sentiments that I wish I could go, but there is no way for me to afford a trip to Britain and then turn around and go to the Baptist Peace Fellowship’s peace camp 1-6 August in Oregon–and I am already signed up to be there!

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