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International Law and the Israel/Hezbollah Conflict

Human Rights Watch has just published an excellent Question and Answer guide on the Hezbollah/Israeli conflict on who has broken which international laws. Check it out at

I don’t get Bush and his echo, Blair. They won’t call for an immediate ceasefire because they want a longterm, permanent peace? Like this is an either/or? Surely it is obvious to ANYONE that we need an immediate ceasefire in order to stop the innocent deaths, NOW, while we work on a longterm solution? Could it be that Bush/Blair don’t want a ceasefire because their “longterm solution” includes expanding Israel into Southern Lebanon, just as they have re-occupied Gaza? Could it be that they don’t care how many innocents are killed as long as their dream of a “democratic” (read: “pro-Western and committed to giving cheap oil to the U.S.”) Middle East is realized? (Never mind that the early, fragile, democracy in Lebanon is being undermined and that this past 18 days has managed to unite the Arab world behind Hezbollah and against Israel. Nice going, Bush/Blair, you’ve once again managed to STRENGTHEN a terrorist group.)

Bush is so confused. Stem cell research, he claims, is murder because it destroys human embryos (which would otherwise be destroyed anyhow). Well, this has some logic to it. I am troubled by some aspects of this research and I find that the in vitro fertilization procedure that creates these “surplus embryos” to also be morally suspect. But IF one claims that every embryo is a human life that must not be sacrificed in order to possibly save other lives, then how is it that one can justify the killings of so many Iraqi, Palestinian, and now Lebanese civilians (already born persons, including, post-womb children!) as “collateral damage” in the promotion of democracy?? To help clear up his confusion call 202-456-1111 and demand a ceasefire even as we work for a just and sustainable peace.


July 29, 2006 - Posted by | human rights.

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