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Sister Diane Moten: Gentle Saint

My congregation, Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty is a small church with a big name. (I twice lost a vote to get us a smaller name, like Anastasis. We did have one joker who wanted to call us Liberation Anabaptist Fellowship–LAF.) We only have about 80 adults and maybe 50 children and youth, crammed in a re-furbished machine shop that, from the outside, looks nothing like a church building.

But the saints of this particular part of the Body of Christ continue to enrich and edify me no end. This is Diane Moten. Currently, she is our Minister to the Homeless (a position my wife, Kate, once had). But she has served as a deacon; cooked for Wednesday night dinner; represented us as a delegate to the convocation of the Alliance of Baptists. Di loves children and all the children of the church love her. I was, at first, uneasy with the way white kids, including mine, called her “Auntie Di” because of the history during segregation of white folks calling African Americans such terms of endearment–while all the while keeping them in positions of servitude. Fortunately, my political correctness has been ignored by all concerned and Di has treated my daughters as she does all the children–as her dearly beloved.

Thank-you, God, for Diane Moten and all the “ordinary saints” you use to extraordinarily bless our lives.

August 1, 2006 - Posted by | church, family, saints

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  1. Di’s the best! Long may her tribe prosper!

    Comment by Dan Trabue | August 1, 2006

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