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Economics & Christian Ethics, pt. 4 : Lifestyle Choices

What are some ways that non-poor Christians can resist consumerism and materialism and
“Live Simply So that Others (and God’s Creation) May Simply Live?” The following works give practical advice in this area.

Foster, Richard J. Freedom of Simplicity. Harper & Row, 1981. Written by an evangelical Quaker, Foster emphasizes that simple living not only enables us to better help the poor.

Lonacre, Doris Janzen. Living More With Less. Herald Press, 1980.

Shannon-Thornbury, Milo. Alternative Celebrations Catalogue. Alternatives, 1982. Ways to celebrate holidays that do not play into the consumerist system. My local church every year has a “re-claiming Christmas” project so that we celebrate the birth of Jesus in ways that resist consumerism without embracing a Scrooge-like “bah humbug” attitude. Many of our members say that this has helped them look forward to Christmas with joy instead of “shopping season blues.”

Sider, Ronald J. Living More Simply: Biblical Principles and Practical Models. InterVarsity Press, 1980.


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