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Why Be Baptist?

Dr. Jim West has been writing a series of brief posts, “Why I Am a Baptist” over on his Petros Baptist Church blog. I’ve been following them and they are great in their brevity and clarity. They are not attacks on other parts of the Body of Christ (Jim’s huge admiration for the Reformer Huldrich Zwingli and the Lutheran NT scholar Rudolf Bultmann alone would prevent THAT kind of “we’re better Christians than you are” triumphalist nonsense.) but testimonies about the traditional strengths of this Christian tradition. Here’s a link to the entire excellent 6-part series:

Enjoy them and, gentle reader, if you are from some other Christian tradition, consider why you are United Methodist or Lutheran, Church of God, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, “Old” Catholic, African Methodist Episcopal, or whatever denomination or tradition within the Body of Christ you occupy. Why are you this kind of Christian instead of some other? If you feel like sharing those reasons with others, let me know. This could be a blogfest form of a liturgical practice we Baptists call “testimony.”

If, gentle reader, you are of some other faith or no faith at all, feel free to share that, too. For how else shall we learn of each other except to share?


August 4, 2006 - Posted by | Baptists


  1. I am non-denominational. I went to a Baptist school, but went to a charismatic church, so I definitely have an interesting mixture of beliefs. Currently I attend a non-denominational church, which is closest to Baptist.

    Concerning the nature of salvation, I am probably closest to Baptist. However, I am different from Baptist (at least midwestern Baptist, it may be different in the south/southeast) in that I believe more in the spirituality that a charismatic has, such as healing, demonic beings, the possibility of speaking in tongues (which has been abused IMO). Concerning predestination, I see it as irrelevant (, as it concerns metaphysics that we have no control over (not to be dismissive, it just isn’t important to me personally). I am more like a Nazarene or Disciples of Christ in that I believe the church should take an active role in discipling people in addition to focusing on salvation. Concerning scripture, I believe completely in scripture. I suppose I would be a “Sola Scriptura” type, for one, because I have not known any source to claim equal truth with the Bible that did not also contradict it in one way or the other.

    Comment by Chance | August 10, 2006

  2. Thanks for sharing, Chance.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | August 10, 2006

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