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Peace Hymn

This was sung at my church, Jeff Street Baptist Community, yesterday for Peace Sunday/Hiroshima Day (06 August 2006). The music for ‘Til Wars on Earth Shall End is found on the website of Every Church a Peace Church, but it was intentionally written to also work with the tune of The Church’s One Foundation.

‘Til Wars on Earth Shall End
by Ken Medema

Let truth and mercy find here a joyful meeting place
And here let peace and justice be joined in warm embrace
And in this congregation let strangers now be friends
To do the gospel’s bidding ’til wars on earth shall end.

Let truth’s bright flame be blazing in all the darkest hours
Confronting schemes of darkness, exposing evil’s powers
Let mercy’s gentle manner so willing to forgive
Fill warring hearts with longing ’til in truth’s light we live.

So now let peace and justice be never far apart
But flowing like a river for every thirsty heart
These two shall be united, a mighty moving stream
Upon whose banks we gather to work and pray and dream.

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