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Tell White House: Offer REAL Ceasefire Proposal.

This is a message from Rev. Tim Simpson of the Christian Alliance for Progress and, given the urgency, I felt compelled to reprint it here.

Tell The White House to Offer a Real Cease-Fire Proposal

Dragging its feet as long as it possibly can, the Bush Administration, along with France, late last week offered a cease-fire proposal for the war in Lebanon which was thoroughly inadequate and which is unlikely to bring about anything but more bloodshed. The proposal does not say anything about the withdrawal of the Israeli Army from Lebanon and only requires that the Israelis cease “offensive” military operations, while Hezbollah would be required to stand down and disarm completely. Such one-sided terms, in which one side stops fighting while the other continues and gets to keep its territorial gains, is obviously not going to go anywhere. It is offered, like so much this Administration has done in the last six years, as a fig leaf to try and make people think it is doing something meaningful when in reality it intends to do nothing.

What This Will Mean

The carnage has reached new levels in recent days. Yesterday’s tragic killing of twelve Israeli Army reservists at Kfar Giladi by rocket attacks has undoubtedly hardened Israeli resolve, as it would any nation. Already this morning there are reports of significant loss of life in several Lebanese villages from aerial bombardment in response. Which will only harden the resolve of Hezbollah. And so on and so. Somehow this has to end.

We are all going to pay a heavy price for what is happening over there . Whether through the rise of oil prices and increased economic volatility or by increased instability in geopolitics, whatever happens in that part of our global village will impact our world, so even if we could ignore the suffering of the Israelis and the Lebanese, which we can’t because we are Christians, whose faith demands that those who suffer be at the forefront of our attention, at the very least we should be concerned because of what this war means for our own safety and well-being.

What You Can Do

Please take the time today from your busy Monday schedule to put a call into the White House so that they will know that Christian Americans are deeply grieved over the suffering of everyone who stands in harm’s way and are concerned that our government is not doing enough to bring about the immediate cessation of all, not just some hostilities and a withdrawal to internationally recognized boundaries. No, the President or Mrs. Bush won’t answer the phone, but their aides are always sensitive to the mood of the electorate and now so more than ever. As the campaign season heats up, and with GOP poll numbers at record lows, the White House is very closely monitoring their phone messages, emails and the like and will be alert to any sense that the American people are growing restless with their dawdling on this. We must prod them into action as soon as possible.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem–and Beirut.


August 7, 2006 - Posted by | just peacemaking

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