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Israeli Bombings Prevent Christian Aid in Beirut

EthicsDaily.com reports that the efforts of Lebanese Christians, such as those at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary and the Beirut Baptist School, have been forced to quit offering shelter and other aid to displaced refugees in Lebanon because the Israeli bombings of Beirut have forced their evacuation. Meanwhile that same news report tells us that one-time Baptist, Pat Robertson, has been praying with Israeli PM Ohlmert for an Israeli victory. Robertson is quoted as saying, “For all our sake, Israel cannot lose.” It is children’s lives which are being lost–so much for the “pro-life” stance of Robertson. It is peace which is being lost. It is the new and fragile democracy in Lebanon being lost. And, with remarks like Robertson’s or biblio-blogger Joe Cathey‘s, it is the reputation of the gospel that is being lost.

August 10, 2006 - Posted by | Christianity, ethics, Israel, peacemaking

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