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Global Baptist Leaders Question Slowness of Israel/Lebanon Ceasefire

As reported in Ethics Daily.com, the online news source of the Baptist Center for Ethics, Baptist leaders in the Middle East and connected to Baptist World Aid (BWAid), the relief and development agency of the Baptist World Alliance, are grateful for ceasefire in the month-long war between Israel and Lebanon so that relief can be sent. But those same leaders are also critical of Western governments and churches (as well as the government of Israel and the leadership of Hezbollah) for taking so long to get this ceasefire. Paul Montecute, Director of BWAid, said of the ceasefire, “It comes about a month too late! Too many have been killed, maimed, injured and displaced.” But Montecute added that he hoped the ceasefire would hold and that generous amounts of aid for rebuilding lives could commence.

Ellie Haddad, Provost of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, located in Beirut, said, “I still can’t understand how the international community waited for one whole month before calling for a ceasefire while our country [was] being systematically destroyed,” in an email to Ethics Daily.com. About relief, Haddad said, “The greatest need is going to be housing.” “A good portion of the displaced people have already lost their homes. Most of them are living in miserable conditions already. It will get a lot worse with the advent of winter.”

Baptists are urged to donate generously through BWAID. Other avenues for relief include the National Council of Churches’ relief and development arm, Church World Service, which works in partnership with the Middle East Council of Churches.

Prayer for peace and pressure on the United Nations and all relevant governments is also necessary so that healing may come to this troubled region of the world.


August 13, 2006 - Posted by | Baptists, peacemaking

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