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Mainstream Media Misses Mark on Peace Issues

John Atcheson writing on CommonDreams.org gives an excellent analysis of how the mainstream media towed the Republican and corparate-Dem. talking points last week on several war & peace related issues, including the foiled terrorist attempt, Israeli/Hezbollah war, and Ned Lamont’s primary victory. A short excerpt on the last point should send you to reading the whole article.

Lesson #2: A Democrat who runs on a platform that 60% of the American people support is either an extremist, an elitist, anti-American or all three and his nomination is a “disaster” for the Democratic Party.
Cokie “clueless” Roberts, David Brooks, David Broder, the rest of the MSM, Cheney and the entire Republican spin machine (with Loserman) repeated this bit of wisdom in response to Lamont’s campaign and victory all last week. So, 60% of Americans are anti-American extremists, or elitists apparently. Who knew.
Of course, this begs a few questions: if a majority of Americans hold a particular set of beliefs (i.e. that the Iraqi war is making terrorism worse, that invading Iraq was a mistake, that it’s making America less safe, and that it’s time to leave) can those beliefs be “unAmerican?” Isn’t it Americans who determine what is and isn’t American? Maybe not. Maybe we’ve relinquished that role to Joe Loserman, Karl Rove and the pack of MSM headbobbers who repeat their discredited mantra.
And aren’t elitists, by definition, a minority? Is it possible for a 60% majority to be elitist? Only if some votes and some opinions are special, and count more than others.

Read the rest of this insightful piece here.


August 14, 2006 - Posted by | media reform, peacemaking

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