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Paternoster Series on Baptists

Paternoster Publishing Co. in the United Kingdom has an exciting series of books called “Studies in Baptist History and Thought.” I’ve read a couple volumes and if the entire series meets that quality, people are going to want to set aside a budget. Church, college, and seminary libraries should immediately be alerted. Check it out.

Studies in Baptist History and Thought

Series Editors:

Anthony R. Cross, Fellow of the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, Regent’s Park College, Oxford University. (Oxfordshire, UK)
Curtis W. Freeman, Research Professor of Theology and Director of the House of Baptist Studies, Duke University Divinity School. (Durham, North Carolina, USA)
Stephen R. Holmes, Lecturer in Theology, St. Mary’s College, University of St. Andrews. (St. Andrews’ Fife, Scotland, UK)
Elizabeth Newman, Professor of Theology and Ethics, Baptist Theological Seminary @ Richmond (Richmond, Virginia, USA)
Philip E. Thompson, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Heritage, North American Baptist Seminary (Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA).

Series Consultant Editors:

David Bebbington, Lecturer in History, University of Stirling (Stirling Fife, Scotland, UK)
Paul S. Fiddes, Professor of Systematic Theology, Oxford University and Principal of Regent’s Park College (Oxfordshire, UK)
†Stanley J. Grenz, Pioneer MacDonald Professor of Theology and Baptist Heritage, Carey Theological College (Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada).
Ken R. Manley, Distinguished Professor of Church History, Whitley College, University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
Stanley E. Porter, President and Professor of New Testament, McMaster Divinity College (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada).


  • Manley, Ken R., From Woolloomooloo to ‘Eternity’: A History of Australian Baptists. Vol.1: Growing an Australian Church (1831-1913). Vol. 2: A National Church in a Global Community (1914-2005). Focuses more on the social and theological developments of the Australian Baptists than on institutional matters, though the latter are included.

  • Ian Randall, Toivo Pilli, and Anthony Cross, eds., Baptist Identities: International Studies from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Centuries.

  • Michael A. G. Hayken, ed., “At the Fountain of Thy Pure Word”: Andrew Fuller as an Apologist.

  • Anthony R. Cross, Baptism and the Baptists: Theology and Practice in Twentieth Century Britain.

  • Anthony R. Cross and Philip E. Thompson, eds., Baptist Sacramentalism.

  • Peter Naylor, Calvinism, Communion, and the Baptists: A Study of English Calvinistic Baptists from the Late 1600s to the Early 1800s.

  • Karen Smith, The Community and the Believers: A Study of Calvinistic Baptist Spirituality in Some Towns and Villages of Hampshire and the Borders of Wiltshire, c. 1730-1830.

  • James M. Renihan, Edification and Beauty: The Practical Ecclesiology of English Particular Baptists, 1675-1705.

  • D. W. Bebbington, ed., The Gospel in the World: International Baptist Studies.

  • Peter Shepherd. The Making of a Modern Denomination. (Influence of J. H. Shakespeare on the Baptist Union of Great Britain.)

  • Stanley K. Fowler, More Than a Symbol: The British Baptist Recovery of Baptismal Sacramentalism.

  • Peter J. Morden, Offering Christ to the World: Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) and the Revival of Eighteenth Century Particular Baptist Life.

  • Philip E. Thompson and Anthony R. Cross, eds., Recycling the Past or Researching History: Studies in Baptist Historiography and Myths.

  • Ken R. Manley, Redeeming Love Proclaim: John Rippon and the Baptists.

  • Brian R. Talbot, The Search for a Common Identity: The Origins of the Baptist Union of Scotland, 1800-1870.

  • Paul Fiddes, Tracks and Traces: Baptist Identity in Church and Theology.

  • Steven R. Harmon, Towards Baptist Catholicity: Essays on Tradition and the Baptist Vision.

  • Linda Wilson, Marianne Farningham: A Plain Working Woman.

  • Dennis Bustin, Paradox and Perseverence: Hanserd Knollys, Particular Baptist Pioneer in Seventeenth Century England.

  • Other relevant titles from Paternoster Press:

Paul Beasley-Murray, Fearless for Truth: George R. Beasley-Murray.

Anthony R. Cross, ed., Ecumenism and History: Studies in Honor of John H. Y. Briggs.

Galen K. Johnson. Prisoner of Conscience: John Bunyan on Self, Community and Christian Faith. In the Studies in Evangelical History and Thought (SEHH) Series.

Ian Randall. Spirituality and Social Change: The Contribution of F. B. Meyer (1847-1929) SEHH.

Nigel G. Wright, Free Church, Free State: The Positive Baptist Vision.

Not to be missed is that Paternoster is editing and publishing the complete works of Andrew Fuller for the first time since the 19th C. Since it was Fuller’s “evangelical Calvinism,” which ended the deadening hold of hyper-Calvinism on British Particular Baptists and became the theological underpinnings for William Carey and the modern missions movement, their worth cannot be undervalued. The first volume is out.

The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller (1754-1815), Series editor Michael A. G. Hayken. Vol. 1: The Diary of Andrew Fuller (1754-1815), ed. Michael M. McMullen.


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  1. It really is an impressive series. It’s a shame that John Colwell’s ‘Promise and Presence’ wasn’t included.

    Comment by graham old | August 24, 2006

  2. Say more about Colwell’s book, please. I am trying, irregularly, to post items on resources toward the 400th anniversary of the Baptist movement in 2009. I don’t think the Paternoster series is complete.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | August 24, 2006

  3. Hi Michael,

    It’s an attempt to reinvigorate a Sacramentalist theology, from a (British) Baptist perspective. I actually disagree with John on a number of his beliefs (e.g. Ordination), but it is great to see Baptists being sacramental.

    John taught me at College, but Andy provides a better intro than I could here: http://andygoodliff.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/04/british_baptist.html

    Comment by graham old | September 6, 2006

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