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Theology for Beginners

Ben Myers, who runs the theological blog, Faith and Theology, has been writing a great series of brief posts on “Theology for Beginners.” I’m going to archive the whole series when he is through and I hope he turns these great posts into a small book useful for university or seminary students and for adult education in churches. Click the link below to see an outline and links to what’s available so far. They are really quite good.

Faith and Theology: Theology for beginners


September 16, 2006 - Posted by | blogs, theology


  1. Michael,

    Completely off subject but since I know you are close to Molly Marshall – I was wondering if you could answer this question.

    Two folks now (one being my dad) seem to think that Molly Marshall advocated for a “Big Tent SBC” before the poop completely hit the fan. My dad *thinks* that she used the “Big Tent” language in The Unfettered Word (Marshall wrote a chapter of that book). Unfortunately, we can’t find a copy of the book here. Do you own that book? Or have you ever heard Dr. Marshall use the “Big Tent” phrase?

    All this is interesting because Wade Burleson is using the same language, arguing for a “Big Tent SBC”


    Comment by Big Daddy Weave | September 16, 2006

  2. I don’t think she used that exact phrase, but I repeatedly heard her use similar language like “setting my feet in a large room.” She did use phrases like that in both _The Unfettered Word_ (No, I don’t own it, but have read it) and in _Beyond the Impasse_.

    I cannot recall exactly, but I think it was a personal translation of a New Testament term. I’ll have to research to be more exact.

    Molly argued that the SBC which birthed her, even in her Oklahoma home, had been a “large room” in the mansion of the Church universal so that it had space for conservatives, centrists, liberals and mavericks who didn’t easily fit such labels. She had especially found that at SBTS and it broke her heart when that became no longer the case.

    Although it is a much smaller school and has no Ph.D. program (like most seminaries not attached universities), I think she rejoices in having found a similar large room at Central BTS in Kansas City, KS where she is now president.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | September 16, 2006

  3. Thanks for this, Michael!

    Comment by Ben Myers | September 17, 2006

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