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Faith and Theology: Propositions by Kim Fabricius

Ben Myers, of Faith and Theology, has posted some of fellow theology blogger Kim Fabricus’ great lists of 10 propositions on various subjects. Although I don’t always agree (with anyone), these propositions are always thought-provoking. They not only reflect excellent theological reasoning (mostly), they also lead readers into better theological reasoning. I highly recommend them. They would make great starting places for adult church studies, for instance.

Faith and Theology: Propositions by Kim Fabricius


September 24, 2006 - Posted by | blogs, theology

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  1. Just really quickly, I glanced at the propositions of hell. I think there are some good points, “fear is the opposite of love”, and hell leads to isolation. I think that’s true, is that, as my pastor stated, hell will not be a party. People will be too pre-occuppied with their pain. And hell is complete despair, like one who threw away the winning lottery ticket, for a crude analogy.

    I do disagree that hell is power though. For right now, I believe Satan has certain control over the earth, but once he reaches his ultimate fate, he will no longer have this power, and the earth will be a transformed earth.

    The propositions on prayer are interesting, and a bit abstract for me to comprehend, something to soak in.

    Comment by Chance | September 25, 2006

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