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Family Portraits # 3: Daughters.

On the left is Molly (b. ’95) Katharine White, named for Dr. Molly T. Marshall, as well as for her mother and maternal grandmother (both Katharines with that unusual spelling, although my wife goes by Kate or, to her old school friends, Kitty). On the right is Miriam Jean White (b. ’99), named for Moses’ sister (a prophet in her own right) and my mother, Jean Marie Coddington White.

The oldest wants to be a U.S. president (to which my answer is that she couldn’t do worse than either the current occupant of the White House or most of those in my lifetime!) and the younger wants to be a medical doctor and treat children (good, she’ll earn enought to support her aging parents!). (That is, she usually names this. Last summer, she met a woman rabbi whose Hebrew name is Miriam and has now sometimes talked about becoming a rabbi. Somewhere God is laughing.) Molly made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ several weeks back and is scheduled to be baptized at the end of this month. Miriam is reading the Bible on her own.

God has richly blessed me in these two children. They are my greatest earthly treasure. Posted by Picasa


October 3, 2006 - Posted by | family

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