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Hooray! My Pastor’s Back!

We at Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty have been missing our pastor for several months, now, as she has been on sabbatical leave–something very necessary for longterm pastorates. A church is more than its pastor and Baptist congregations are supposed to be lay-led. So people were still visited at home, in the hospital, in prison; the homeless and poor still fed; injustice in the city and around the world still challenged; the gospel still proclaimed–both by members and visiting preachers. Some of the latter is still happening. (I am looking forward, for instance, to giving the Reformation Sunday/All Saints’ sermon at the end of this month.) But we have missed our wonderful pastor, Rev. Cindy Weber.Cindy is shown above in the pulpit in our sanctuary–a pulpit that has missed her presence these last many weeks. An excellent expositor, a caring shepherd and administrator, a fiery, challenging prophet (as our city leaders have reason to remember!), and compassionate proclaimer of the evangel is our Cindy. She is also a pastor-theologian in the truest sense of the term. That doesn’t mean our theologies are always in agreement (this is a BAPTIST congregation with strong belief in liberty of conscience and the priesthood of all believers, after all!). But when I disagree, I am still forced to think and re-think in light of the Word made Flesh and revealed among us.

The sabbatical leave was profitable for us, the congregation, and, I trust, for Rev. Cindy. But it sure is good to have her back home. Posted by Picasa

October 10, 2006 - Posted by | church


  1. Great welcome back message, Michael. I am wanting to do one for the church blog, but haven’t got a photo yet. Maybe this Sunday.

    Comment by Dan Trabue | October 11, 2006

  2. That’s ’cause you were out of town, Sunday, Dan. I can email you this one which Molly took of Cindy before church started or you can take your own Sunday.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | October 11, 2006

  3. Michael, commenting to let you know I saw your piece in LEO. Wanted to commend you on the publication. I’ve glanced at it so far, and I’ll dive in later when I can sit down and read properly

    Comment by Lee | October 11, 2006

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