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Birthday of Tommy Douglas: Greatest Canadian

Rev. Thomas Clement (“Tommy” ) Douglas, last year voted on Canadian Broadcasting Company as ‘the greatest Canadian,’ was born today in in 1904. Douglas, a Baptist minister in the Social Gospel mode was born in Scotland and became the founder of the New Democrat Party. As premier of Saskatchewan, Douglas was the first elected head of a socialist government in Canada. He is credited with giving Canada its universal healthcare system. (Can we get a Tommy Douglas for the U.S.A.?) This system has its critics (mostly American), but it is so wildly popular in Canada that not even members of the Conservative Party (“Torries”) ever run on its abolition.

For more on Tommy Douglas see here, here, and here. Tommy Douglas, 1904-1986, great Baptist and officially the “greatest Canadian.” This U.S. American is more than happy to lift a mug of Moosehead in your honor.


October 20, 2006 - Posted by | Baptists, heroes

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