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Church Universal: Condemn Saddam’s Execution; Plead for Mercy for the Merciless

Over at The Fire and the Rose (see link below), D.W. Congdon gives a passionate and very theologically well argued plea for the Church to condemn the upcoming execution of Saddam Hussein. I’ll be briefer: We worship One executed by a brutal tyranny on false charges. That One was executed along with two who were guilty of terrorist acts. Thus, Christians must oppose the death penalty at all times precisely as part of our defense of the value of human life. Every life, even one as brutal and guilty as Saddam Hussein’s. I made the same argument against executing Timothy McVeigh.
The world may operate with judicial revenge (although more and more nations are abolishing the death penalty)–a revenge that creates false martyrs and more imitators. We who follow the Crucified and Risen One are supposed to be free from this spiral of violence, this dance of death. We are free to choose life. We do not value life, as some pro-lifers say, because of innocence. Christ died, as Romans 8 reminds us, for the justification of the godless.
Hussein is not the type of person who would ever show mercy to us. That is all the more reason we who are Christians should show mercy to him. Let’s lift our voices.
The Fire and the Rose: A plea to the church: Denounce the execution of Saddam Hussein

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Doonesbury on Chickenhawks

Marty alerted me to this great series Doonesbury is doing on “chickenhawks,” those wonderful people who are gung-ho for war as long as THEY don’t have to fight it. I have great respect for principled pacifists and conscientious objectors. I also respect, though disagree with, those who believe war is sometimes the lesser of evils and so volunteer to put their lives on the line. I have ZERO respect for–or even tolerance of–those who advocate for war as long as it is others who do the killing and dying–who sacrifice nothing and pay no price for their violence-by-proxy. Yet these cartoons are not even exaggerations–I hear these lame rationalizations daily.

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