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Iranian Nobel Winner: ‘Human Rights Cannot Be Imposed By Cluster Bombs!’

Sherin Ebadi is an Iranian dissident opposed to the current hardliners in power in her country. Prior to the Iranian revolution of 1979, she was Iran’s first female judge. (After the revolution, women were restricted from this and many other roles.) A devout Muslim, though of a progressive form much at odds with the fundamentalism dominant in the governing circles of Iran, Ebadi still practices law and has made a name for herself in standing up for human rights, including especially women’s rights, and the rights Iran’s tiny Christian minority. She has escaped two assassination attempts and in 2003 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She sees the work for human rights to be a seamless whole: Speaking in India this week, Ebadi said, “Human rights is a package. . . a way of seeing the world, a culture, which cannot be imposed with cluster bombs, nor brought to countries in tanks.” Truer words were never spoken. Although Ebadi spoke to the Hindu-Muslim tensions in India itself and the tensions between India and Pakistan, she was also critical of Israel’s assault on Lebanon, both sides of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, and the disastrous U.S. led invasion of Iraq.

Ebadi’s wisdom should be heeded.

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