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The Evils of "Christian Zionism"

Chris Tilling is finishing up his series on the warped theology known as “Christian Zionism.” This popular-but-heretical theology is a major obstacle to Christian work for a just peace in the Middle East. It has led millions of U.S. (and other) evangelicals to abandon even Christian Palestinians in favor of absolute and uncritical support for the government of Israel. Last summer, it led U.S. Christians to completely abandon the large Christian population of Lebanon (largest in the very areas where Hezbollah operates) to support the scorched-earth air war of Israel against Lebanon–actions which have strengthened Hezbollah, undermined the Lebanonese govt., threatened to return Lebanon to civil war, and increase radicalized Islamic fundamentalism in the area–none of which promotes security either for Israel or the U.S.

By exposing the many flaws of Christian Zionism, Chris is doing a favor for both the theological health of the church universal, and helping to promote peace in the world. Check out his series, and use the posts for church discussions in your local congregation/parish.

February 16, 2007 Posted by | Christian zionism. | 6 Comments