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“The great crime of war can never promote the religion of peace.  The battle and the garment rolled in blood are not a fitting prelude to “peace on earth, good will to men.”  And I do firmly hold that the slaughter of men [sic], that bayonets and swords and guns, have never yet been, and never can be, promoters of the Gospel.”Charles Haddon Spurgeon, renowned 19th C. British Baptist pastor (1834-1892). 

Spurgeon was very conservative in his theology and so is often cited as a hero by fundamentalists (Baptists and others) today who, themselves, are raging militarists.  Spurgeon would have been appalled.  He opposed the Crimean War (1854-1856) both in sermon and in the British press and was threatened with charges of treason.  His language on the subject is ambiguous, but he may have even been a complete pacifist.  He is quoted as saying that on the subject of war, “I have always been a Quaker at heart.”

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  1. I never knew that about Charles Spurgeon. Thanks.

    Comment by Jonathan Marlowe | March 9, 2007

  2. I definitely appreciated it when you pointed me to this side of Spurgeon earlier this year. Just another reason for this Reformed pacifist Baptist to love Spurgeon more.

    Comment by Bryan Peters | March 10, 2007

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