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How Various “Peace Offers” Appear to Many Palestinians

palestine_landloss11.jpg This post is copied from Never Give Up, Sami Awad’s blog on nonviolent resistance from a Palestinian perspective. Sami also got it from someone else.  I met Sami a few years ago at a meeting of the Fellowship of Reconciliation when I was working for Every Church a Peace Church which has also partnered with Sami’s organization, Holy Land Trust. I was also able, at that meeting, to introduce Sami to Gary Percesepe, then the Coordinating Director of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, which has created new ties, there.  I am glad to report that Sami has just become the newest member of Christian Peace Bloggers. Check his blog out and get a perspective on Palestine-Israel that is impossible to find in the U.S. news–and probably rare in much of the world’s media.  By the way, when I look at the accompanying maps, I am reminded forcibly of how Native Americans have been forced onto ever-smaller Reservations–and we all know where that policy left the indigenous peoples of North America. And now, “How Various ‘Peace Deals’ Look to Many Palestinians.”:

  • United Nations “Partition Plan” to the Palestinians: You are going to have 47% of the 100% which was originally yours.   
  • “Oslo Agreement” to the Palestinians: You are going to have 22% of the 100% which was originally yours.   
  • Barak’s “Generous Offer” to the Palestinians: We are going to give you 80% of 22% of the 100% of the land which was originally yours.   
  • Sharon’s “Peace Plan” to the Palestinians in 2,000:  We are going to give you 42% of 80% of 22% of the 100% of the land which was originally yours, and this 42% will remain under continuous curfew.   
  • “American Christian Zionists” to the Palestinians: According to our version of the Bible you are entitled to 0% of 42% of 80%  of 22% of the 100% of the land which was originally yours.
  • The “Road Map” to the Palestinians that Bush envisions: IF you stop your resistance to the occupation (which we call terrorism), and your refugees give up their right of return to their ancestral homes, and you agree to only elect officials acceptable to Bush and Olmert, and you agree to lock up all your resistance fighters, and you agree to drive your cars only on roads that Olmert assigns for your use, and you do not object to the ‘wall’ that Sharon started building & Olmert is finishing, and you agree not to claim Jerusalem as your capital, and you agree that your children’s school curriculum only includes courses and books approved by the Israeli government, and you agree not to give birth to more than three children per family, and stop complaining about the new law that prohibits Israeli Arabs from marrying Palestinian Arabs, while it allows them marry any other nationality in the world, —THEN President Bush, will consider putting pressure on Olmert to consider negotiating with you on the 42% of 80% of 22% of the 100% of the land which was originally yours.

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  1. According to my 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica, the 1905 census of Jerusalem had 40,000 Jews out of a population of 60,000 (for the city) and an estimated total of 650,000 for the population of Palestine of which there were additional Jewish areas. It appears that the Jews were the largest single ethnic group at that time, even though they probably only had 10% of the total population. Certainly, I can empathize with the sense of loss by the Palestinians, but it is simply not true that 100% of the land was theirs (without even factoring in the Turkish Empire) and the notion that it was 100% theirs is really a key component of why the discussion is doomed.

    Comment by Looney | March 19, 2007

  2. In politics, perception is everything. But there is a small window of opportunity for a just peace, if we can pressure the U.S. government to support it: At the upcoming Arab League Summit, Saudi Arabia plans to reintroduce its peace plan: IF Israel will agree to return to its pre-1967 borders (see picture 2), the borders that all UN Resolutions agree are the only legitimate border for Israel (which also reflected the policies of every U.S. president from 1947 until the Supreme Court installed George W. Bush), then ALL 22 members of the Arab League and Palestine are prepare to recognize Israel and enter into full diplomatic relations and withdraw all support for armed groups attacking Israel! I think the new unity govt. of Palestine will go for it and I know that with only a few of Israel’s neighbors recognizing her that the majority of Israelis will favor it. The stickler will be the settlers in the Occupied Territories who DON’T want to leave. But the 47% represented by the 1946-1967 borders allow for a real, viable Palestinian state–and not the reservations currently there.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | March 20, 2007

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