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On Political Theology

Be sure to check out Kim Fabricius’ 10 Propositions on Political Theology over at Ben Myers’ blog, Faith and Theology.  They are excellent. As are many of the comments. They are worth pondering as we continue through Holy Week, reliving Judas’ betrayal (a political act trying to force Jesus’ hand to becoming a violent revolutionary–and siding with the Powers and Authorities of oppression to do such coercion!) and Peter’s denial (disappointed that Jesus surrendered to the authorities and even healed the dude Peter was trying to behead) tomorrow, and the political show trial and execution on Friday. And the U.S. Supreme Court dropped the ball, allowing the Gitmo Gulag to continue and show trials with confessions obtained by torture. Where is the voice of the church, now?

 Also, GOOD NEWS:  The 15 British sailors have been released from Iranian captivity unharmed! Rejoice!


April 4, 2007 - Posted by | economic justice, human rights., liberation, nonviolence, politics, theology, torture

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  1. Hey Michael, haven’t had the opportunity to stop by in a while so just saying hi.

    Judas is indeed fascinating, and I wasn’t really exposed to the idea until recently that Judas betrayed Jesus because he had more political aspirations and saw Jesus an an immediate king (much like many of the Jews). It could very well be close to the truth.

    Peter’s story is also fascinating, because he originally did what he said, he was willing to lay down his life for Jesus at the beginning. It’s often easy for us to live and die for our own idea of Jesus, but sometimes not for the real Jesus.

    Happy Easter.

    Comment by Chance | April 4, 2007

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