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Top Theology Blogs?

Amazon has a new feature called unspun where one votes for top lists of anything.  To my suprise, I found myself listed (near the bottom) of “Top Theology Blogs.”  I agree with the ranking of the top two of Ben Myers’ Faith and Theology,  but Nothing New Under the Sun needs to be #2, and I’d  put Fire and Rose into the #3 spot.  Log-in and vote.  My “legions of adoring fans” have either not discovered Amazon unspun, or have been unsure whether or not Levellers is really a theology blog.  I understand that.  When I began this blog 2 years ago (over on Blogger), I had only heard of political blogs (with reputations for being shrill and biased and not encouraging calm discourse, whether from the left like Daily Kos or the right like the Drudge Report) and of people blogging about their cats. (I have a cat and a dog, but no desire to blog about either.) So, after seeing my friend, Dan Trabue’s blog, A Paynehollow Visit, I realized that maybe one could do something else. Bruce Prescott of Mainstream Baptists had alerted me to the need to change the media image of all Baptists as right wing political nuts, too. So, I founded Levellers as a kind of faith-based social commentary and I still spend time doing that.  But I also discovered theology and biblical blogs and began visiting and commenting on them–and more and more putting my own theological views on this blog, too. So, it has kind of evolved into a political theology or theological ethics blog.

That slow evolution gives my site a kind of mixed or confusing look to some, I think.  But I feel very comfortable with where this evolution has taken my blog.  At any rate, take a look at the Top Theology Blogs list and the one of Biblio-blogs, if that interests you.  And log-in and vote. And, if you think I am ranked too high or too low, change that.  I take no offense–I’m still surprised to find myself even on the list! Unspun may be a waste of time on the internet, but it can be fun and we all need some fun in our lives.

Update: D.W. Congdon convinced me to create the list, Christian Peace Bloggers on unspun. So, vote for your favorites. If you want to put on peace blogs not on the official list, great. I can then invite them to join.


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  1. Thanks for the high acclaim! I’ve been giving your great blog as much love as I can. Maybe we should start a Christian Peace Bloggers list? You might want to consider that. You’d guarantee yourself a #1 spot. 🙂

    Comment by D. W. Congdon | April 16, 2007

  2. Thanks, David. I haven’t felt the need to create another list, but maybe in a few days. Are there church history blogs? Just curious.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | April 16, 2007

  3. I see that both you and Chris have got on the list – congratulations. Makes it feel slightly intimidating to comment but, hey, what the heck!

    Comment by PamBG | April 17, 2007

  4. Pam, you made the list. You are currently at #44. I have noticed that these rankings are quite fluid, so watch your stuff rise! 🙂

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | April 17, 2007

  5. That’s even more intimidating! I don’t consider my blog to be a theological one, particularly. Hey ho, as they say over here.

    Comment by PamBG | April 18, 2007

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