Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers

Peace Quote

“Twelve men went out from Jerusalem into the world, and they were unlearned men, unable to speak [i.e., unable to speak eloquently because not trained in Greek rhetoric]; but by the power of God they told every race of humanity that they were sent by Christ to teach all people the word of God.  And we who formerly slew one another not only now refuse to make war against our enemies, but for the sake of not telling lies or deceiving those who examine us [i.e., investigators charged with getting them to confess to the crime of being Christian], gladly die confessing Christ.”–Justin Martyr (c. 100-165).

In a description of the early Christian movement to the Roman Emperor about the year 150.

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Peace Quote

“We hold Not to the shedding of blood and refrain from all violence and war.” 

From the church covenant of the First Baptist Church,Kingston, Jamaica, 1795.  Written by George Liele (c. 1750-1828). 

 Liele (also spelled “Lisle”) was a slave in Colonial Georgia given his freedom when called to preach the gospel.  He founded the earliest known Black Baptist church in continual existence, the First African Baptist Church, Silver Bluff, South Carolina.  He also founded churches in Savannah and Augusta, Georgia.  When children of his former master, Henry Sharpe, tried to recapture him, Liele traveled to Jamaica as a missionary of the Black Baptist churches he founded.  Thus, he anticipated by over a decade William Carey’s mission to India, usually considered the start of the modern missions movement.  In all of Liele’s work, he preached that slavery was an abominable evil, but, he also preached and taught nonviolence consistently.

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Palestine & Israel: Why a Two-State Solution is the Only Road to Peace

Recently, many Left organizations have abandoned the quest for a two-state peace solution between Israel and Palestine and instead point for a single state with a Palestinian majority as the way forward–modeled on the end to apartheid in South Africa.  At Tikkun magazine, Israeli peace leader Uri Avnery spells out why this would be a disaster for both Jews and Palestinians. His arguments for why a two – state peace is the only route are convincing, even if the prospects for near-term success seem slim.  Read Avnery’s article and support actions to put pressure on Israel (and the U.S.) to accept the Saudi peace proposal which would create a two-state peace with the borders that of pre- 1967 (as every UN resolution has called for and every U.S. administration before this one has supported), a shared Jerusalem, and full diplomatic relations between Israel and every Arab state (and, perhaps, Iran can be brought on board, too).

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