Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers

Peace Quote

“We hold Not to the shedding of blood and refrain from all violence and war.” 

From the church covenant of the First Baptist Church,Kingston, Jamaica, 1795.  Written by George Liele (c. 1750-1828). 

 Liele (also spelled “Lisle”) was a slave in Colonial Georgia given his freedom when called to preach the gospel.  He founded the earliest known Black Baptist church in continual existence, the First African Baptist Church, Silver Bluff, South Carolina.  He also founded churches in Savannah and Augusta, Georgia.  When children of his former master, Henry Sharpe, tried to recapture him, Liele traveled to Jamaica as a missionary of the Black Baptist churches he founded.  Thus, he anticipated by over a decade William Carey’s mission to India, usually considered the start of the modern missions movement.  In all of Liele’s work, he preached that slavery was an abominable evil, but, he also preached and taught nonviolence consistently.

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