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Irish Christian & Nobel Peace Laureate Shot by Israelis

Mairead Corrigan Maguire, an Irish Catholic and co-winner of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize for her part in starting the Irish peace movement (and The Peace People), was among a number of people, mostly Palestinian, who were shot by Israeli troops while in a nonviolent protest last Friday at the so-called “security wall” in the Palestinian village of Ben’in near Ramallah, the West Bank of the Occupied Territories.  The Israeli Defense Forces were using rubber covered bullets purchased from the U.S.  Robert Naiman, of Just Foreign Policy, points out that that most of the U.S. media have not reported this news–part of the scandalous way that our tame media is controlled by the Right, especially where Israel is.  The U.S. public cannot make informed decisions about the kind of foreign policy they want, if the “free press” is failing in its job of keeping them informed.  See also this article by Bill Moyers.

Ms. Maguire does not appear to have suffered permanent harm, but 8 Palestinians were killed.  We need to pray for the people of Palestine and Israel. If Israel discourages nonviolent protest with violent responses, it is likely to play into the hands of violent extremists on both sides.  We also need to let the media know that we don’t appreciate their self-censorship and our elected officials know that we expect the U.S. to be an honest broker for peace, not using our taxes to continue to fund occupation, oppression, and state-terrorism.


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