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Updates on Nonviolent Movement in Palestine

Sami Awad, Palestinian Baptist, notes that this week is the 59th anniversary of the Israeli occupation, an event Palestinians call “the catastrophe.” Sami, who leads the Holy Land Trust, has been coordinating nonviolent resistance events in commemoration of this tragedy. In general, while the world has been focused on the increasing violence between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza (along with cross-border violent exchanges between Hamas and the Israelis), the increase in nonviolent campaigns on the West Bank has been missed. In other news, Sami, notes that the Israeli military has destroyed another Palestinian orchard needed for survival. Replantings are planned in defiance.

Sami’s blog, Never Give Up: Trust in the Power of Nonviolence, is a good source of news about events in Palestine. As is the online Palestinian New Network which Holy Land Trust runs. Also, if you are looking for something to do with your church’s youth and/or young adults that isn’t just fun and games, consider Palestine Summer Encounter.  Crossposted from Mainstream Baptists, to which I am a semi-regular contributor.


May 20, 2007 - Posted by | economic justice, human rights., Israel-Palestine, nonviolence, peacemaking

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