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Pelosi and Reid Fold Like Spineless Jellyfish

Whatever else one thinks about the Republican Party, at least the GOP usually sticks to its “principles.” Most of the Democratic leadership, however, is completely spineless. Case in point:  Betraying the voters that put them in power to stop the war in Iraq, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have just announced support for a “compromise” bill funding the Iraq War.  Even the kept and tame U.S. media are calling this a complete capitulation to Bush:  the newly proposed bill has no timeline for withdrawal, only “suggestions” for benchmarks, and the only consequences for missing these benchmarks is cutting off reconstruction money, while the war funding continues! This is everything Bush asked for and it funds the war to the tune of a billion per week.

I called my Congressman and urged him to vote against this stupid bill no matter what Pelosi says. Then I emailed Pelosi and Reid and told them what I thought of this idiocy–I was not profane, but I was blunt. They need to hear straight talk from citizens and be reminded that they work for us and we put them in charge to END the war, not keep funding it.  For crying out loud: the rant used to be that the Democrats are completely poll-driven, but now they can’t even seem to read polls: 3/4 of the U.S. wants the troops home by the end of the year, but Bush is already responding to this “compromise” by promising to double troop size in Iraq(from where??) by Christmas!! 

The strategy was simple but effective: Keep sending Bush funding bills that you knew he’d veto. By the end of June, he’d have to start pulling back troops without more money. Don’t send him a funding bill that he can sign and continue the War!

If you are a U.S. citizen, I urge you to call and email Congress and tell them NOT to vote for this war.  Then, if you are a registered Democrat, go to Democrats.com sign this pledge not to vote for any candidate in ’08 who voted to keep funding the war!  Democrats.com, along with major peace groups, is launching a campaign to put real anti-war challengers in every ’08 primary campaign where an incumbent Democrat voted to keep funding the war.  I hope some progressive Republicans (there must still be some left) will launch a similar campaign.  It’s time to remind BOTH major parties that peace voters cannot be ignored. 


May 23, 2007 - Posted by | foreign policy, Iran, Iraq, U.S. politics


  1. Michael,

    Although I consider myself independent, I do lean left, way left (toward a more socialist mindset), but I find myself voting Democrat when other choices are unavailable. After this last election, I thought my own pacifist feelings would be vindicated toward this erroneous war, but I see that I was mistaken. After much talk and rhetoric, politicians are once again shown for what they are–cowards and selfish bastards.

    Didn’t the original legislation, which Bush threatened to veto, also allow the President to determine whether the “benchmarks” were being met? That’s what I didn’t get. It would have been up to him to determine whether the withdraw would occur or not. So, all the words and arguments were moot, unless I’m mistaken.

    I’m so disappointed with our political system as of late, and this only reinforces it.

    Comment by Dustin | May 23, 2007

  2. Jeez, Michael, how’d you manage the phone call and emails without profanity! There’s new power for you – it not only corrupts, it makes you stupid and blind. ‘Course I’m speaking from the UK. But with the Blair administration, we know what it is to go from walking on air after a triumphal election to – this.

    Comment by kim fabricius | May 23, 2007

  3. Well, Kim, the phone call was easier because my Representative, John Yarmuth (D-KY), is a freshman and every one of his votes to date have been against the war. So, I could thank him and urge him to break with the leadership at the same time.
    The emails were harder because I was SOO VERY mad at Pelosi and Reid.
    My feelings about Blair are about like my feelings about Bill Clinton, for very different reasons. Both are men with incredible talents who mostly wasted them. I hope Gordon Brown does better, but he didn’t risk giving up his cabinet post and becoming a “back bencher” like Clair Short in order to oppose the PM. They built New Labour together. But if Brown doesn’t change course, I think the Lib-Dems and Torries will take enough seats to give a minority government in the next gen. election. I also believe that UK opposition to the Iraq war is so strong that only a fear of a return to Thatcherism under the Torries kept Blair from a vote of no confidence. But I could be wrong trying to read events from afar, of course. 🙂

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | May 23, 2007

  4. Whatever else one thinks about the Republican Party, at least the GOP usually sticks to its “principles.”

    Ah, no. The GOP clings to its power.

    Comment by Erudite Redneck | May 23, 2007

  5. This disgusts me to no end. A friend and I are going to see our congressman on Tuesday. I may be able to contain myself from using foul language, but I’m pretty sure my friend won’t be able to. I may just let her speak for the both of us. My son is out of the military. But her son is career and will be returning to Iraq soon.

    Comment by Marty | May 23, 2007

  6. “Whatever else one thinks about the Republican Party, at least the GOP usually sticks to its “principles.””

    Really? I have yet to meet a Republican who believes that.

    Comment by Looney | May 24, 2007

  7. Gah!

    Every time the “commander guy” would issue one of his pronouncements on how Congress was just going to have to do what he said, I would find myself answering back to the radio: no they don’t. What are they thinking? Who do they think they’re fooling? Even this fool can see through this stupidity.

    Comment by plain foolish | May 24, 2007

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