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2 New Series on Tradition

Two new series are beginning in the blogosphere that will help us understand theological traditions better, one hopes.  Over on Ben Myers’ great Faith and Theology blog, he is beginning a new series called “Encounters with Tradition.” Guest bloggers will contribute who have moved from one Christian tradition to another (i.e., Catholic to Protestant, Protestant to Eastern Orthodox, etc.) and thus encountered the traditioning process differently than those who have remained in the traditions in which they were born and raised.

And on the group blog, Mainstream Baptists, I have begun a series highlighting influential Baptists from around the world, so that we U.S. Baptists begin to have a more global picture of our tradition, to see “being Baptist” in more multicultural terms. 

If either of these series interests you, I hope you’ll give them a look from time to time.

May 28, 2007 Posted by | blogs, theology, tradition | 1 Comment