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This Day in Church History: Council of Ephesus; Edwards Fired

22 June 431  The Council of Ephesus (The Third Ecumenical Council of the Christian Church) opens. It will condemn “Nestorianism,” the belief that Jesus Christ was two separate persons (rather than one person in two natures). Church historians have cast doubt as to whether or not Nestorius himself really believed the heresy named after him or whether he was simply a very poor writer!

22 June 1750 Jonathan Edwards, a Congregationalist minister in Colonial New England, is dismissed from his prominent pulpit for attempting to restore the concept of church discipline and church of visible saints.  Edwards, together with his young bride, Sarah Pierpont Edwards, became missionaries to the Native Americans after this dismissal.  He would go on to become THE theologian of the Great Awakening (inventing sociology of religion by his careful descriptions and analyses of the phenomena associated with religious revival) and the first great American theologian.  Failures and firings can be opportunities instead of dead ends.


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