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The Confessions Continue

Earlier, I participated in the “Out of the Closet: Theological Confessions” meme started by Peter Leithart and popularized by Ben Myers.  But this thing has now REALLY spread and Ben’s been keeping track of it all.  Most of the contributions are quite revealing and many are funny.  Check them out.  Ben fails to put his own contribution in the list, but you can find it here.  Some of them (marked “again” on Ben’s list) have morphed into theological proclamations or affirmations.  The top of the list is the most recent.  One sees disagreement in these lists (as one would expect from theologians), but one also sees the heart of the reasons why people study theology and bother to write or blog about it.  My only disappointment is (again) how white and male the conversation is:  Cynthia Nielson, grad student in philosophy who runs the blog, Per Caritatem, is, to date, the only woman to contribute. [CORRECTION: I missed the contribution of Catriona, a British Baptist pastor who blogs at Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life. Sorry, Catriona.] No contributor to date is from the Two-Thirds World, from indigenous populations (e.g., Australian aboriginal peoples, Native Americans, Canadian “First Nations,” etc.), or part of the diasporas of African, Asian, and Latino peoples into Europe and North America.  We simply MUST do more in theo-blogging and biblio-blogging to diversify our conversations.  But don’t let that stop you from reading these great confessions on Ben’s running list.


July 2, 2007 - Posted by | blogs, theology


  1. Michael you’ve done a thorough job looking these over to know that almost all of us doing the confessing and the affirming (I’ve done both)are white males. Maybe we just have too much time on our hands!

    Comment by Bob Cornwall | July 2, 2007

  2. Hello, I forgive you! Do I blame the parents who gave me a celtic name or myself for giving my blog an obscure name? Anyway, keep blogging and I’ll keep visiting.

    Comment by Catriona | July 3, 2007

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