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Cheney Pushing Bush to Attack Iran

What will it take for the cowards in Congress to do their Constitutional duty and impeach and remove the most lawless president and VP this nation has ever known?  According to a report in UK’s The Guardian, Cheney’s “attack Iran” advice, which had been pushed aside for the (relatively) calmer wisdom of Sec. of State Condaleeza Rice, is now gaining ground since Bush is unwilling to leave office with “the situation unresolved?” Presumably, he means that wants no chance of a nuclear armed Iran, but the success of shutting down North Korea’s program shows the way forward–peacemaking.  Attacking Iran could only happen with bombing, since all our ground troops are tied up in Iraq and Iran–and this would further inflame the Middle East and further endanger the U.S. and the world.

Of course, such an attack on a sovereign nation would also be illegal, but that has never stopped this administration.  The only way they can be stopped is to remove them–and turn them over to the courts for criminal charges. (HT: Bruce Prescott for alerting me to the Guardian article.)


July 16, 2007 - Posted by | Iran, peacemaking


  1. I’m just wondering where the troops will come from — without a draft! If Congress doesn’t say — hey George and Dick, if you want to invade — fine do it without the Armed Forces of the US. Go ahead, fly there on a little Cessna and take on the Iranian Army — just you and your closest friends. I’m sure Duncan Hunter will join up and maybe you can get Randy Cunningham out of jail to join in!

    But there’ll be no money!!!

    Comment by Bob Cornwall | July 16, 2007

  2. Well, if the attack is limited to air strikes, no troops will be needed.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | July 16, 2007

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