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Bush to Restart Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks?

It seems that every recent U.S. President, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and now, Bush II, makes an effort to nurture a breakthrough in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking as they come toward the end of their time in office. Having become a lame duck in domestic politics, the presidents seek to leave a legacy of dramatic peacemaking.  I wonder if one reason that Jimmy Carter’s work toward the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty (not one line of which has ever been broken) was a success is because he did not wait until he was a lame duck, but worked when he still had many priorities in his presidency–it was a sign to both sides that he was serious.

Still, for whatever reasons, and with however much cynicism about Bush’s motives and chances, this peacemaking move must be celebrated as good news.  There are many things that can go wrong, but the indifference of the last 6 years has allowed almost EVERYTHING to go wrong.  If the process succeeds, I will celebrate, and, while it won’t make up for all the evil Bush has unleashed in the world, it would still be something to celebrate and to give him credit.  If “only Nixon can go to China,” can it be that only Bush can push Israel and Palestine to serious negotiating? I’m not holding my breath, but God does work in surprising ways.


July 17, 2007 - Posted by | Israel-Palestine, peacemaking

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