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Today in Church History

18 July 1504, Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575) is born in Switzerland.  Bullinger was a Protestant Reformer who succeeded Zwingli as pastor and Reformed leader in Zurich.  Bullinger is considered by many to be the founder of the “Covenant theology” strand of Reformed theology. Max Stackhouse and others give Bullinger credit for the strand of Reformed thought that led to the support of democracy and human rights (rather than the more imperialist or theocratic versions of Reformed thought). 

18 July 1870 Vatican Council I votes 533-2 that the pope is “infallible” when speaking ex cathedra in defining a doctrine or moral teaching that must be believed by all Christians. To say that Orthodox and Protestants disagreed would be putting it mildly.

18 July 1970, 100 years later, Pope Paul VI names St. Teresa of Avila, the Spanish mystic, as a “Doctor of the Church.” She is the first woman to be given such a title.


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