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Si Kahn: Folksinger and Labor Organizer


Sometimes the BPFNA peace camp has interfaith guests as well as ecumenical guests.  Much of our music this year was led by legendary folk singer and labor organizer, Si Kahn, who is Jewish and the son of a rabbi. (Well, last year we had two rabbis with us!) Si has been playing folk music since the 1960s and working with justice organizations since then, too. Currently, in addition to his labor work, he is involved with Grassroots Leadership, a Southern-based national organization working for 25 years to defend democracy, enhance the public good, and stop the erosion of the public sphere.  Si’s major campaign in recent years is to stop and abolish the privatization of prisons in the U.S.  A prison industry (If you build them, they will be filled), often supplying cheap labor for factories inside prisons (slave labor) is a huge erosion of the public good and has contributed since the mid-’90s to the U.S. becoming the nation with the largest percentage of our population under lock and key.  My prayers go with those of Grassroots Leadership in abolishing private prisons and I thank them for sharing Si Kahn with us this week.


July 30, 2007 - Posted by | music, peacemaking

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