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Evelyn and the State of the Baptist Peace Fellowship

evelyn-hannemann-bpfna-coordinating-director.jpg Our first plenary session at “peace camp,” the summer conference of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America (23-28 July 2007), Evelyn Hanneman, the Coordinating Director of the BPFNA gave us the “State of the Fellowship address.” Although it was far more interesting than the U.S. presidential “State of the Union,” we refrained from giving standing ovations at every pause for breath as our ridiculous Congress does for whichever president is giving the annual borefest. 🙂

Evelyn described some of our finances, our partner congregation program, the plan to start campus chapters at universities and colleges, reviving our old “friendship tours” of other nations, Churches Supporting Churches (matching BPFNA partner congregations up with devastated churches in New Orleans to help rebuild as part of rebuilding ruined neighborhoods) and other programs.  After 22 years, we have no plans for resting on our laurels.


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