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Daniel Hunter Challenges Us to Handle Empire’s Fall


Daniel Hunter is one of the amazing young adults who have grown up in the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America.  In his early 20s, he has already finished a term as a BPFNA board member. A community organizer and nonviolence trainer, Daniel has written his first book, which revises and updates methods of training for nonviolent social change.  He is the son of Bob Hunter, campus minister at Earlham College, and Caroll Hunter, Professor of History at Earlham (and brother to Rae, whom I profiled here after last year’s peace camp).

Daniel gave us an excellent analysis of the crumbling of the American empire and both the opportunities that will mean for justice and peace struggles globally, and the challenges that will bring, especially in the U.S.  It was both realistic and hopeful and did much to set the agenda of our conference.

Some empires (e.g., the British empire and the Soviet empire) have collapsed without a great deal of damage–and sometimes with more democracy and justice flourishing at home. But empires can cause much damage when they fall and some of our job as peacemakers may be–not to prop up the empire (heaven forfend!), but to try to stear for as soft a landing as possible.  This crumbling empire (seen in our huge debt to China, our bogged down and over stretched military, our vulnerability to terrorism, our dwindling influence in the world, etc.) will remind us of our true loyalties and teach us to cultivate faith, hope, and love in a time of fear.


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