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Rae Hunter and Peace Mural


After last year’s peace camp, I profiled Rae Hunter as one of the great young leaders who grew up in the organization.  She is Daniel Hunter’s sister and Daniel was profiled below.  She is an arts and theatre major at university and just returned from a several week stay in El Salvador with either Witness for Peace or Christian Peacemaker Teams, I forget which.  She was one of the lead artists on the peace mural. My daughter, Molly, took this picture of Rae in front of an earlier mural.  The two were much taken with each other. Molly has an artistic side which she gets from her mother, and combines that with a strong analytical side and a passion for justice and peace which she gets from both of us (and her own gifts from God).  Rae has a similar combination of gifts and I think Molly found a heroine in this striking and articulate young woman.  I would much rather her have heroines like Rae than some teen idol singer or actor with shallow intelligence and even shallower morals!  I took parental pride in finding that Rae was also impressed with Molly.

August 4, 2007 - Posted by | arts, Baptists, holocaust, peacemaking

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  1. It sounds like y’all had a great and productive week at camp. The pics are great and the peace mural is a beautiful piece of art.


    Comment by dancingmoogle | August 5, 2007

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