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1994: Dick Cheney Predicts the Disaster of Toppling Saddam Hussein

A constant right-wing refrain to peace folk is that no one could have predicted how big a mess invading Iraq would cause.  The other refrain is that “everyone” thought Hussein really had weapons of mass destruction. I have pointed out repeatedly that both these refrains are false.  Scott Ritter, the highly decorated U.S. Marine who was chief weapons inspector in Iraq during the ’90s repeatedly said there were no WMDs (the mainstream media still hasn’t apologized for all the names it called him–for being RIGHT) as did several international security agencies, retired CIA analysts, the Center for Defense Information, the Center for Peace and Security Studies, etc.  Many, many people and groups also predicted the quagmire that would come in toppling Saddam Hussein.

Apparently, one of those who predicted that as early as 1994 was: Dick Cheney.  And conservatives wonder why I constantly claim that this man and his “boss” need to be impeached and indicted for starting a war on false pretenses and deceiving the American people and Congress (although Congress has much less excuse).  The evidence is clear. Why is this man still out of jail?


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  1. Truly the minimum response necessary is to bring them up on charges of High Treason in an American court, if not to send them to the World Court for crimes against humanity.

    Comment by Aric Clark | August 19, 2007

  2. Who better to respond to Dick than Dick. He seems to have gotten in right in 1994. Too bad he forgot those lessons in 2003!

    Comment by Bob Cornwall | August 19, 2007

  3. From down where I came from we got the impression that only America believed Saddam had the big guns. And the British govt pretended to believe and the Aussie, Howie, – well he is Australian and they even spell like Americans and pronounce dance and chance the same… I still like that connexions blog: Create a document, name it GW Bush, press delete, computer questions – are you sure you want to destroy GW Bush? YES! PS. next week I’ll do Cheney. Something like that. Anyway it looks like they’re both dying a natural slow death from rejection.

    Comment by steph | August 19, 2007

  4. oh and I forgot to say – everybody knew America, aka God, is the only one allowed to have WMDs and they have lots. And they need no provocation to use them either.

    Comment by steph | August 20, 2007

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