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Great Blog Series Alert: My Peace I Leave Unto You

Over at his great blog, Inhabitatio Dei, theologian and peace blogger, Halden Doerge has begun a series of guest posts called “My Peace I Leave Unto You” on varieties of Christian pacifism and how they relate to different Christian theological traditions.  Thom Stark of Semper Reformanda began the series with a post on his pacifism as a part of the Restoration or Stone-Campbell movement (i.e., the Disciples of Christ, Churches of Christ, and independent Christian Churches–the movement is less fragmented outside the U.S.).  Kim Fabricius, ex-patriate American living as a university chaplain in Wales (and the most prolific “blogger without a blog of his own” in the theo-blogging world) has continued with a post describing his journey to a Reformed/Barthian form of pacifism.

Future contributions will include at least the following: An Eastern Orthodox pacifism, an Anglican pacifism, an Evangelical pacifism, and a Baptist pacifism (contributed by yours truly).  Stay tuned to the series. If you want to contribute to the series, especially if you come from a tradition not included yet, contact Halden here. But many traditions are large enough that more than one contribution could be illuminating. For instance, if one was a non-Barthian, traditional 5-point Calvinist and a pacifist, that perspective would make a fascinating addition to Kim’s Barthian-Reformed perspective.  And a pacifist from the Disciples of Christ would probably approach the problem differently than Thom did as a conservative Restorationist.  But I hope that before the series is concluded we see at least one Catholic perspective (the number of Catholic pacifists seems to be growing exponentially), a Pentecostal contribution (especially since pacifism was dominant in first generation of Pentecostalism, but is a small minority, now), a Lutheran essay, a feminist contribution, at least one essay from a Black Church perspective, a Wesleyan-Methodist essay, etc.  The series looks extremely promising. Check it out–and thank Halden for his work in creating this series and hosting it on his blog.


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  1. Thanks for the plug! I also hope for more contributions, especially a Catholic one.

    Comment by Halden | August 24, 2007

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