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“Golden Rule” Politics

The Baptist Center for Ethics, an independent think-tank and resource center for churches which is most famous for it’s web-related publications at EthicsDaily.com, has produced a new DVD and downloadable discussion guide called “Golden Rule Politics: Reclaiming the Rightful Role of Faith in Politics.”  If you double-click on the embedded video clip, you will see an introductory trailer for this DVD, hosted by BCE’s Executive Director, Robert Parham (provided that your internet service provider connection is broadband or DSL; dialup connections are too slow for such links).    You can read more about the DVD and order it, here.  The price is only $20 which includes the rights for public showings.  I plan on purchasing the DVD and showing it at my church. (I go to a progressive, engaged, church which doesn’t need to be reminded to bring faith to politics, but might need reminding, from time to time, not to become a mirror on the Left of the Religious Right.)

This DVD assumes a U.S. framework. It might be adaptable for other contexts, especially other democratic contexts, but it would probably be better if similar groups to the BCE outside the U.S. looked at a resource like this and then created a new one for Canada or the U.K., France, Mexico, Australia, etc.


September 4, 2007 - Posted by | church-state separation, citizenship, human rights., politics, progressive faith

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  1. Michael,

    This looks very interesting. I shall look into ordering it myself!

    Comment by Bob Cornwall | September 4, 2007

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