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One Nonviolent Victory for the Palestinians

As Sami Awad notes on his blog, Never Give Up, the nonviolent resistance of the West Bank town of Bil’in has met with a victory. The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that the so-called “security fence” (apartheid wall) must change its route and NOT cut off Bil’in from its farmland.  Of course, the entire wall needs to come down and a two state solution must be negotiated soon. But it is this kind of nonviolent resistance, along with international pressure, which will create this new future.  I hope those Palestinians who prefer violent resistance note this victory–a victory not one by Hamas’ methods. I also hope Israelis noticed and learned.

Many Palestinians in Bil’in were injured by Israeli soldiers during the nonviolent resistance.  They must have been tempted to strike back. I am so glad they resisted not only the soldiers, but also their own impulses.  Nonviolence takes discipline and courage and a willingness to suffer.

Pray for villagers of Bil’in and for a swift end to this wall.


September 6, 2007 - Posted by | Israel-Palestine, nonviolence

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