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Colin Powell warns of a “Terrorism Industrial Complex”

Thanks to Bruce Prescott for this story.  And thanks to Bruce’s son Will for the interview with Powell for The Oklahoma University Daily.  Powell should have broken with this TIC long before and his horrible snow job before the UN has undermined greatly his credibility, but, at least his chastened attitude is better than the Petraeus shell game.

September 13, 2007 - Posted by | foreign policy, Iraq, terrorism prevention

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  1. Interesting comments — like the military complex the terror complex must continue to ustain itself — largely for profit-aking reasons. Of course the GOP has learned how to utilize fear to sustain itself. I think to some extent the reasn Hillary is outpacing Obama is for this very reason — she’s projecting that I can protect you kind of image. Powell doesn’t disown his past here, but offers a warning that needs to be heeded.

    Comment by Bob Cornwall | September 13, 2007

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