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Elizabeth Edwards Blasts Rush Limbaugh

If she didn’t have inoperable cancer, I could wish that attorney Elizabeth Edwards were running for U.S. President. Her husband, fmr. Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) could run HER campaign, instead of vice versa.  Then the Democrats would be fielding TWO women for president and one would be a real progressive who never lost touch with her roots or became a corporate clone.

I like Elizabeth Edwards because she’s so feisty!  In an age when most political speech is rehearsed and tested on focus groups–even “spontaneous” actions like answering a cell phone call from one’s 3rd wife, laughing at questions, etc.–Elizabeth still speaks her mind.  She put Anne “Right-Wing-Pin-Up-Girl” Coulter in her place on live TV. Now, she takes on Rush Limbaugh’s “phony soldier” routine.

How is it that the House and Senate can pass resolutions condemning a MoveOn.org Ad as too disrespectful of Gen. Petraeus and all military personnel, but say nothing about Limbaugh’s classification of any Iraq Vets who speak out against the war as “phony soldiers?”  So, if the military echo the Bushies’ views or the NeoCon views they are true soldiers, but if they think for themselves, they are phoney or tools of the Left?  Shut-up, Limbaugh!


October 7, 2007 - Posted by | U.S. politics

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