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Environmental Defense: Climate Action in Congress This Year!

Environmental Defense is convinced that it can get a strong Climate Action vote through both the House and the Senate this year and have it on the president’s desk before the primaries get into full swing in ’08.  In this video, Elizabeth Thompson, Environmental Defense’s Legislative Director, lays out the principles for a strong, effective bill on global warming:

  • It must have hard caps on carbon emissions. Not goals, not vague aspirations, but real caps, with strong enforcement mechanisms. We must also ensure that all forms of global warming pollution are covered.
  • A strong bill must have both a short-term and long-term frame. Although the problem will be with us for a long time and we must plan accordingly, we must take aggressive action NOW to avoid the worst ecological disasters.
  • We must foster market competition for alternative fuels, alternative energies, for the next generation. That competition will ensure stronger solutions, faster.

An explanation of how a “cap and trade” system (which worked very well in cutting acid rain and ozone depletion) would combine strong government action with market principles to simultaneously promote energy security, combat global warming, and stimulate green economic growth is found in a video at this link.  But such a system only works with hard caps, not vague “goals” such as Pres. George W. Bush favors.  (When you watch the cap and trade video, be sure to note the assessment of what we are really paying at the gas pump:  when one adds the price at the pump to the cost in military action to secure oil for the U.S., the real price is at least $7-8 per gallon! That will only increase unless we break our oil addiction when one combines the problems of peak oil, huge competition for the same oil resources from China and India, increasing instability in oil producing regions, etc.)

U.S. citizens should take action now by contacting Congress and insisting on a strong climate bill this year.  Then contact your friends and urge them to take action, too.  To donate to Operation Climate Vote, click here.


October 16, 2007 - Posted by | ecology

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  1. Thanks for posting the video!

    I thought you might also be interested in a blog post from today by one of Environmental Defense’s board members — her work is activating religious communities to fight global warming: http://environmentaldefenseblogs.org/climate411/2007/10/25/religious_leaders/

    Comment by Kira | October 25, 2007

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