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Democrats Are Killing Me

I am a registered Democrat and a fairly active one, but I swear sometimes my party makes me want to scream.  Republican approval rates are at 30 year lows, but instead of both doing the right things for our country and securing their own political future simultaneously, the Dems keep giving the GOP chances to snatch victory from defeat–while they snatch defeat from victory.  For instance:  Are we really going to nominate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton?  Despite recent gains in Iowa and NH for Obama, Hillary still has a commanding lead in the polls.  But the Zogby poll shows her to have the highest negatives of any candidate in either party–with 50% of Americans saying they would never vote for her under any circumstances.  In generic “Dem vs. GOP” match-ups for president polls, the Dems are winning 2-1 (as Steve Beshear did for real in his Tues. victory over Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher[R-KY]). But if one makes the match-up Clinton vs. Giuliani, she has only a 1 point lead–within the margin of error and down from her 7 point lead in August! Hello!

I could almost forgive us for nominating a candidate who is unelectable (or electable only by the narrowest margins–thus keeping us polarized) in a general election if that candidate stood for all that is best in the party and nation. But Clinton does NOT.  More defense contractors have donated to her campaign than any other–Republican or Democrat! She will continue the “Free  Trade” policies given us by her husband (which G.W. has used to wreak economic havoc!) and the militarism of Bush! She won’t get us universal healthcare (just more handouts for insurance companies and Big Pharma), save Social Security, curb poverty, or fight global warming! Sure, we are long overdue for a woman president–but this one!!!  Why would we nominate a candidate that fails to excite our base, but unites the GOP in an “anyone but Hillary” fight??

 Why would we want to encourage another dynasty:  If she wins 2 terms, then a Bush or Clinton will have been in the White House for 3 decades! What’s next–Jeb?  C’mon! We need fresh blood, folks!

Thankfully, since the last Democratic debate, she is beginning to lose ground in several polls and Obama and Edwards are moving up–but enough to catch her in time? I wonder. If the youth voted in their numbers, it would be an entirely different situation: The 18-30 crowd are behind folks like Obama, Edwards, and Kucinich–but these are the citizens who vote the least–and almost never in primaries.  Turn out, young folks! You want change?  Then you have to reject the “politics as usual, but in feminine form” establishment candidate BEFORE she becomes the nominee!

Meanwhile Congressional Democrats keep caving to a president with the lowest approval ratings in a century.  I understand pragmatism. I understand that the perfect must not become the enemy of the good–but allowing the nomination of Mukasey as AG? Didn’t we learn anything from Ashcroft and Gonzalez? This guy won’t say that waterboarding is torture, but 2 Dems on the Judiciary Committee, Schumer and Feinstein, vote with the GOP to confirm his nomination!! WHAT??

The Dems in Congress won’t cut off funds for the Iraq war, won’t impeach Bush and Cheney, won’t restore Habeas Corpus, are thinking of giving ATT and other communications companies immunity from prosecution when they aid the CIA and NSA in spying on us?  When does “pragmatism” simply become an excuse for spinelessness and a refusal to defend the Constitution?

At times like this, moving to Canada looks very attractive. Heck, if the U.S. keeps dragging its feet on climate change, soon a former Floridian like me will feel right at home in Ontario, anyway!

November 8, 2007 - Posted by | U.S. politics


  1. I’m still hopeful that we can in this presidential primary have the sort of deal that was made in the Kentucky gubernatorial primary, in which Jonathan Miller (who I like a great deal) stepped out of the race and threw his support behind Steve Beshear (who I don’t like very much) to prevent the possibility that a totally untennable candidate (Bruce Lunsford) would win the primary.

    If Obama and Edwards can get together and realize that unless one of them drops out and throws their support behind the other, Hillary Clinton will win – which would be bad for the party and the nation – there may be some hope yet. An Obama-Edwards or Edwards-Obama ticket would be quite appealing. But I doubt anything short of them working together now or very soon will keep us Democrats from doing the unthinkable.

    Comment by Sandalstraps | November 8, 2007

  2. I’m not thrilled with Hillary, but I do think she can win against the GOP challengers. If Rudy does win, I expect a signficant number of social conservatives to either sit it out or go 3rd party. I also think that Ron Paul will run as a Libertarian and take a sizable number — but that could draw from both right and left.

    Finally, while all these polls list Hillary way out in front, polls don’t vote, people do. Anything can happen in New Hampshire and Iowa and either Obama or Edwards could be right back in this thing. Although it’s a bit dispiriting to see Hillary so far out front, this thing isn’t over.

    Comment by Bob Cornwall | November 8, 2007

  3. I completely agree with your comments, Michael. The Dems are spineless and we are about to nominate the only candidate that has a chance to loose the general election. Hillary is far from a progressive and she is simply going to be another politician OWNED by big business. I am very concerned about health care and her plan would simply be a huge income stream for insurance companies. They will rape us the same way halliburton has been sucking down those big defense contracts in Iraq. I wish either Obama or Edwards would drop out giving the other a chance to beat her.

    Let’s hope Bob is right and Ron Paul runs as a 3rd party to secure a deomcrate win. He is popular in my very red state of Georgia.

    FYI… I really liked your creation/evolution series and placed a link to it on my blog at faithprogression.com.

    Comment by Mike L. | November 9, 2007

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  5. As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

    Comment by retro | November 20, 2007

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