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R.I. P. Thomas F. Torrance (1913-2007).

I just learned that on 02 December 2007, the Very Rev. Professor Thomas F. Torrance died.  T. F. Torrance, a part of the amazing Torrance family of brilliant Scottish theologians, was born on the mission field in China in 1913 and became one of the U.K.’s greatest theologians of the 20th C.  Among other gifts to the church universal, Torrance, along with Geoffrey W. Bromiley, supervised the English translation of Karl Barth’s massive Church Dogmatics.  He also wrote widely on many theological topics, including the relationship of science and theology.  In 1986, the 100th anniversary of Barth’s birth, I heard Torrance speak for the first and only time: I was a brand new seminary student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (then an incredible place of true learning) and walked to the nearby Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary to hear Torrance speak.  Since some mainline Presbyterians thought of Barth (and Torrance!) as passe’ in the mid-’80s, I think there were more students and faculty from SBTS in attendance than from LPTS! My only regret is that, at the time, I knew far too little theology to catch all of what Torrance said or even to know what parts should be jotted down in notes. But I knew I had met someone who had placed a brilliant intellect completely in service of God and the church universal.

  Read an obituary of Torrance here.


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