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Anti-Torture Video

Below is a commercial for the National Religious Campaign Against Torture.


December 17, 2007 - Posted by | torture


  1. Thanks for showing us this video, Michael. It’s very sad to see this issue continually being swept under the rug. It is especially disappointing not to see more pastors and religious figures speaking out on these reprehensible acts.

    Comment by Jeremy | December 17, 2007

  2. Thanks for dropping by Jeremy and also for putting both Levellers and Kentucky Fried Politics on your blogroll! I’ll return the favor as I just discovered your blog. You live here in Louisville?

    I have continued to publicize and support the campaign of NRCAT (and its evangelical offshoot, Evangelicals for Human Rights) because (a) torture IS a moral/spiritual issue, and (b) political leadership against it has been unbelievably weak–so we need strong faith-based leadership. This may be the slavery or segregation or child labor of our day: THE moral test of era. So far, we’re failing.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | December 17, 2007

  3. Glad to provide a link to your blogs. I don’t have many readers right now, but maybe the few that stop by “Bold Confessor” will be able to click your links and gain insight from your writings just as I have – feel free to stop by and join in the discussions (the more the merrier!).

    Louisville is indeed my home sweet home; I serve as Minister to Families at Deer Park Baptist Church and am working on my M.Div at the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. I became very interested in issues regarding violence and peace last year in a Contemporary Cultural Issues course taught by Dr. Norman Wirzba.

    Comment by Jeremy | December 18, 2007

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