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A Shameful Anniversary

Sunday 13 January ’08 was a glorious anniversary: My wife and I have now been married for 18 years.  Great cheers.

But Friday 11 January’08 was a much more shameful anniversary: The Gitmo Gulag Turned Six.  Today, the Director of National Intelligence, while still staying mum on whether waterboarding is torture, said it would be torture–if done to HIM. The Congressional and criminal investigation of the destroyed CIA tapes supposedly showing tortured detainees continues–but with the focus still on obstruction of justice (itself a felony) and not on the underlying war crime of torture.

To date, none of the presidential debates, between Republicans or Democrats, has had a single question specifically on torture or on the Gitmo Gulag.  Stopping this is up to us.


January 14, 2008 - Posted by | human rights., torture, U.S. politics


  1. That is odd, isn’t it, that there haven’t been any/many questions about torture. I thought that there had been questions early on and only McCain among GOP respondents said no.

    If the question hasn’t been asked of Democratic candidates, it may be assumed that they’re all on the same page.

    But of course, a better question is, “are you born again?”


    Comment by Bob Cornwall | January 15, 2008

  2. Unfortunately, I think that standing up against torture would be the end of any candidate’s viability. It can be so easily spun, that it won’t be discussed. BTW Michael, any suggestions about the best book on the Berrigan brothers?

    Comment by Howie Luvzus | January 16, 2008

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