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“Moderate” Baptists

Ever wondered how you can keep track of what is being thought and said by non-fundamentalists Baptists? Wonder, no more, Gentle Readers! At ModerateBaptists.com you can find a continually update list of posts from non-fundamentalist Baptist bloggers. I must admit that I have never cared for the designation “moderate” when it refers to anything dealing with my faith–it sounds like “lukewarm” to me.  But here you find a wide range of Baptist bloggers: conservatives and evangelicals who are NOT fundamentalists; emergents (not that I have really ever understood just what the “Emergent” Christian movement is); theological centrists; liberationists; liberals and progressives, etc. 

The number of bloggers on this blog-roll is now so large that if you don’t check close to daily, it is easy to miss much.  Everything from theology to politics to cats are discussed. This is also a good way to find blogs with which one wants to link and to enlarge one’s circle of “net-friends,”–at least within Baptist circles. (I assume no one reading this wants to network ONLY with others of one’s own denomination or theological tradition!)


May 17, 2008 - Posted by | Baptists

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